The time, circa 2016 AD. The place, the risen continent of the Pacific, better known to its inhabitants as Pacifica. Around the end of 1999, a tremendous upheaval of the continental plate of the Pacific ocean caused the entire ocean floor to be lifted to the surface. This event and the events that happened shortly afterwards was known as the "Time of Balance". The rising of Pacifica took its destructive toll on land, as 80% of the Earth was flooded almost instantly, without any warning. Some survived, but some survived because they were warned, and they marched upon Pacifica before the waves had even died down. They were the Dark Clan.

They closed off the boarders to prevent anyone from getting in, and those that did were hunted down and killed. Taleon, secret leader of the Dark Clan, had a cathedral built near the center as a capitol, and soon dicovered he could grow stronger from the deaths of helpless millions and rule on high. SO, he opened the boarders and let the people flow into Pacifica, and what they farmed, the Dark Clan took, and what they built, the Dark Clan smashed. But soon, the familar stir of revolution began, and one victory lead to a weakening in the Dark Clan. Finally, an old Warrior of the White Dragon Clan, named Dragon Sensei, challenged Taleon to a duel. This duel would be fought throughout the land, ending up on the caldera of an active volcano. Taleon was defeated by Dragon Sensei, and as he fell, he went through the molten lava and through a portal that had been underwater and inside lava for eons. The country finally rested from 8 years of tyranny. Now, 8 years later, a whole new group of warriors must face a new enemy.......The Evil Incarnate!


Well everyone, guess what? Tripod lost my Homepage!!!! But now, thanks to my Multimedia Applications class, I am remaking the webpage how I wanted it to be in the first place. Isn't technology wonderful?


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